Dial M For Murder

Saturday, October 22, 2016 8:00PM
East Auditorium

Dial M For Murder

Oct 21 at 8 pm | Oct 23 at 2 pm | Oct 28 at 8 pm | Oct 29 at 8 pm | Oct 30 at 2 pm | Nov 4 at 8 pm | Nov 5 at 8 pm | Nov 6 at 2 pm

$28 (general admission)

North Bay Stage Company is proud to present Dial M for Murder – See the Classic Thriller on Stage.

Though it’s best known as a film by Alfred Hitchcock, Dial M for Murder was first a successful stage play written by another English master of suspense: Frederick Knott (Wait Until Dark). In this NBSC production of the classic thriller, Tony Wendice plans to murder his unfortunate wife to claim her fortune for himself. He arranges for the perfect crime — but things don’t quite go according to plan. His wife survives and the contract killer hired to do her in ends up dead. Luckily, the police inspector from Scotland Yard is on the scene to uncover the truth. Dial M for Murder, a timeless masterpiece of construction and plotting weaves a tangled web of clues and red herrings, back-stabbings and blackmail that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

This exciting melodrama had a highly successful run on Broadway and the road. “Remarkably good theatre, tingling with excitement underneath.” —NY Times. “It’s a holiday for the whodunit fans, and, as such, it couldn’t be more welcome.” —NY Herald-Tribune.