41st Annual San Francisco Comedy Competition Semi-Finals

Saturday, September 24, 2016 8:00PM
Person Theater

41st Annual San Francisco Comedy Competition Semi-Finals


The San Francisco Comedy Competition is one of the most prestigious comedy contests in North America—launching the careers of people like Ellen DeGeneres and Louis CK. It’s an outrageously funny evening where you will see the comedy stars of tomorrow competing for their chance at fame and fortune.

Hundreds of comedians audition each year to compete in the San Francisco International Stand Up Comedy Competition.

Only 30 are chosen.

In its first year, Robin Williams came in 2nd.

Many talented comedians have since emerged from this annual event to become major stars. It could be argued that The Comedy Competition helps turn them into diamonds as it is a true contest that develops its contestants by forcing them to adjust to a variety of audiences—in comedy clubs, colleges, casinos and theaters—while enduring the strain of an extended road trip.

1977 Comedy Competition Champ Dana Carvey went on to “Saturday Night Live.”1979 Champ Marsha Warfield went on to “Night Court” to star as Roz the bailiff. 1982 finalist Kevin Pollak has achieved a major film career, as has 1987 finalist Rob Schneider.

Two first runners up—Ellen DeGeneres in 1985 and Mark Curry in 1989—landed their own TV series. Fame has not always come quickly but eventually as in the case of 1991 finalist Louis C.K. who now claims the ultimate credit: a self-titled TV series.

With this history and much more, the San Francisco Comedy Competition has a well-earned reputation as an important showcase of young entertainers who will make it.